How do you deliver the lace wigs and how long will it take to receive my wig after I place an order?

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ULWIGS delivers all lace wigs by FEDEX or UPS.
Here is the time frame for when you can receive your order:

Procedure Stock Custom
Type Straight type Wavy and curly type All of them
Order confirmed 1-2 working days 1-2 working days 1-2 days
Order processing(hairstyle and coloring included) 1-2 working days 3-5 working days 45-48 days for customizing(expedite order:30 days)
Delivery time 2-3 working days
Total 4-7 working days 7-10 working days 48-53 working days
NOTE: all kinky texture wigs and some curly styles will be delayed 7-10 days

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