How to Flat Iron Human Hair Wigs For Beginners

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This article is going to instruct you on how to flat iron your human hair wigs properly.

Firstly, apply some hair spray before straightening your hair will make the whole process easier and will also protect your hair from heat damage and increase the longevity of your hair.


Secondly, section off the hair then take a small section of hair and clip the rest up.

Thirdly, test the temperature. Use the lowest temperature as possible, using hotter temperatures will dry out the hair and may cause damage over time If you are not happy with the result of applying heat at the lowest temperature, you can turn your flat iron up a little bit until you have the desired result.

Tips: For normal human hair wig, a temperature of 300℉ to 380℉ is high enough to get your hair straight.   

Starting from the bottom and working your way up so that you won’t disturb the hair you’ve previously styled 

Straighten a small piece of hair once a time, which will help to ensure that heat is applied evenly. Then run the comb through the section and make sure that all of the hair is going in the same direction.

Apply wax stick and hot comb to lay flyaways down and make the hairline and parting area more real and natural.

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