Glueless Full Lace Wigs

The glueless full lace wig is a kind of full lace wigs that are 100% hand-tied. What makes the glueless full lace wig different from full lace wigs are the combs and the adjustable strap that make the wig glueless. The part space of our glueless full lace wig is 6 inch that enables the deep side parting. To perfect the natural appearance, we finish the wig with hairline pre-plucked and knots pre-bleached. In the back area inside of the wig, there is a piece of stretch lace. To add security and snug fit, a removable elastic band is sewed to the back inside. The fake scalp is also pre sewed to the front area saving you from putting on the wig cap every time. The hair is hand-knotted strand by strand to the whole wig, making the cap lighter and more breathable, and creating the higher price than other types of wigs, human hair glueless full lace wigs especially, but a great wig is also a great investment.