How To Wash And Care For Headband Wigs

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Along with the coming of summer, more and more girls prefer to put on headband wigs to show their beauty and charm. However, we have to look at another side of the coin that is the sweat and strong sunlight will cause some damage to their headband wigs on account of hot weather. In this case, it is crucial for you to clean and maintain properly your headband wigs. So do you know how to wash and care for headband wigs? Here are some handy tips about how to wash and care for headband wigs for you to learn.

How To Wash Headband Wigs

Do you ever complain that cleaning headband wigs is extremely troublesome? Actually, these simple steps and notes you must pay attention to can make the washing process much quicker and not complicated as you may think.


Step 1 Before washing the headband wigs, you had better use a special wig comb or a wide-toothed comb to gently brush hair in order to avoid any knots and tangles.

Step 2 Put headband wigs into the cold water and let the wigs wet. And if the headband wigs had been ever worn before, please prepare some warm water to wash the wigs in order to remove excess oil, sweat, or other impurities.

Step 3 Pour some wig shampoo into your hair evenly and softly rub the hair with your hands for a few minutes. And what calls for special attention is that it would be better if you use some shampoo that is specially made for human hair wigs. The reasons are as follows. For one thing, some regular shampoos and conditioners that contain harsh chemicals and alcohol will cause irreversible damage to your human hair wigs. For another thing, they will make your wigs look frizzy, matted, dry, or dull. Therefore, you should need to use some specially formulated wig shampoos that can clean fibers gently and thoroughly. Similarly, you should pay attention not to be heavy-handed in this procedure.

Step 4 Wash out hair thoroughly with cold and clean water from the top to the bottom, and make sure to remove all traces of shampoo. Further, in our opinion, it is more advisable to wash the headband with shampoo, just like washing your clothes.

Step 5 Use a towel to soak up water and then apply a small amount of high-quality hair conditioner equally to the wig in order to keep hair healthy. Finally, rinse it under cool running water. Of course, the headband doesn’t need some hair conditioner to clean.

Step 6 Put a towel on your hair to absorb excess water and let it on a wig stand to air dry. All things considered, don’t twist or wring as it will damage your hair, and don’t try to use a hairdryer to dry hair as the wet hair is very brittle. Besides, nothing is more important than the fact that you add some hair oils to your hair and gently massage it till thoroughly absorbed, making the dry hair become silk and bouncy.

How To Care For Headband Wigs

As a headband wigs lover, you must realize correct maintenance is essential for prolonging the life span of headband wigs. Generally, these tips that are beneficial to extend the life span of headband wigs can be listed as follows.

1、When you don’t wear your headband wig, you can use a wig stand to maintain its shape and avoid tangles. So better is applying some high-quality hair conditioner to hair that it can keep healthy, smooth, silk.

2、Many people may put on their headband wigs to go to the beach or go out for traveling in summer. It can not be denied that it is very convenient, charming. However, the overdose of sunlight, saltwater, and chlorine will cause irreversible damage to your headband wigs.

3、Don’t sleep with your headband wigs in the night as the friction between the pillow and hair easily makes hair tangles and frizzy. And if you think it is too cumbersome for you to take off your headband wigs in the night and put on your headband wigs in the morning, nothing is better than using a silk or satin pillow to reduce friction problem.

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